Samuel and Joy Carl, owners of Victory Gardens and Landscaping, LLC, have spent the majority of their lives experiencing life on the roads less travelled. Since he was young, Samuel - VGL horticulturist - has nurtured the plants around him, his childhood favorite being the touch-sensitive mimosa. He could often be found somewhere in the canopy if not at the very top of the largest pine swaying in the breeze as if he was just another branch. Then Samuel met Joy, a holistic health counselor, nutrition-focused cook and baker, and the love of his life, and that was the beginning of everything. Together in Maui, they grew everything from leafy greens to spicy Thai chilies and avocados to starfruit. Joy sparked an obsession in Samuel to grow all their own food - along with some other special treats - and now together they have formed Victory Gardens and Landscaping in an effort to spark a little of the same obsession in others.

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