"Honestly, we just want to make life better for the people around us, and growing your own food is a really easy way to do that. I've had it in mind to start my own business for quite some time, but I want to do more than simply make money doing what I love; that's not what life's about. Joy and I want to show people - teach people - that a healthy lifestyle is surprisingly easy to make reality, that they don't have to settle for the food they find in grocery stores, and that living a life that isn't detrimental to the world around them can become second nature with only a few minutes a day. I thoroughly believe that if we, as individuals, are not actively nurturing life in something else, we are not truly able to appreciate life happening all around us. With that in mind, doesn't it just make sense to nurture the life of a plant that will, in turn, provide you with sustenance".

our goal