Below is the breakdown for each commonly used component in our irrigation systems:
Sprayers w/ Connectors: $0.80 ea Funny Pipe: $0.25 per linear ft Spaghetti Line: $0.30 per linear ft T joint: $1.10 ea L joint: $0.85 ea Staples: $0.15 ea RainBird Timer $45 RainBird Filter/Pressure Regulator $30 Brass Hose Splitter $12 Labor: $40 per hour As always, any and all questions or concerns are welcomed! Irrigation Systems for 4'x4'x10" Bed : $125 Irrigation Systems for Landscaping and Custom Beds:
Pricing for our small irrigation systems will be treated almost identically to the procedure for projecting costs for landscaping, xeriscaping, and custom beds. We will draw up an estimate (typically the costs will be included in the total project cost), and after the estimate is approved and the deposit paid, the systems can be installed.

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